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To worship is simply to value, desire, love—to say about something, “This matters.” 

Human beings are by nature worshippers. There are many things we call valuable, that matter to us—relationships, jobs, success, possessions, creative ability, health.

Christians believe that the something, or the Someone, who matters most is God. We believe that God deserves our wholehearted worship expressed in all of our living, and that we were designed to value God above all else.

So we gather as a community weekly to worship our God together, to say that our God matters. We do this communally because God has designed us to live as a part of a body; each individual strengthens and is strengthened by the whole. By worshipping together we help one another express our gratitude and need, our repentance and assurance, our joy and sorrow; we help one another hear the good news, trust God, and respond to him. We also seek to foster an atmosphere in our worship that invites the skeptical, the agnostic and the curious to pursue their questions and experience the Christian faith with us.

What to expect:
On Sundays we have a simple Christian worship service with singing, prayer, Scripture reading, communion, preaching and discussion—all explained for those unfamiliar with church, and none mandatory. We sing both contemporary songs and traditional hymns.

We start at 10:30 and aim to finish around 11:45.

Regarding dress: we are certainly on the more casual end of the attire spectrum; please feel free to wear whatever you want. Your presence is really what matters.

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When and where:
We are now meeting at 10:30 at the Vance Elementary School auditorium, 98 Sulphur Springs Rd.

. directions and map.

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Children in Church:
We welcome children in our worship gathering from beginning to end. As our children are part of our families, they are also part of our church family. We hope to give our children a taste of our faith lived out together, and expect their presence to give us opportunity to grow in sacrificial love for others.

We also provide a time for children to learn, sing, craft and play in a separate space during the sermon/discussion portion of our gathering. Any parents who so desire may take their young children to the children’s room when we pause before the sermon.


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